ATP designs, manufactures and markets sealing and machining systems in low friction plastic materials with high abrasion resistance for high speed Packaging & Automation lines.
ATP solutions are designed to offer 24/7, 245-day continuous service for packaging lines.

As with the food and pharmaceutical industry, our solutions meet the strictest requirements in terms of hygienic design and materials certification.


Low friction scrapers


To keep dirt and dust out of the mechanical parts of automated systems, our low-friction scrapers in SINTEK D55 with cage in EKOGLIS S-AL can also support linear speeds of up to 1m/s with lubrication when assembled.

Sylomer Rollers


To aid the sliding of packages along the line Hytron AK rollers supported by a Sylomer coating are a very robust solution. Unlike classic elastomeric mousses, they are in polyurethane, ensuring greater durability. The roller can also be used with a wide range of densities to achieve different levels of roller rigidity.

OKS 3571 for high-speed chains


For conveyor belts to move, a chain is needed to connect the adaptor to the cascade gearbox. Used for the greasing of the chain OKS 3571 ensures excellent penetration and therefore long life. NSF H1 certification also means it can be used for food processing plants.

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We work with the same passion and precision that distinguish high quality tailoring to produce products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Lorenzo Simoncini, CEO of ATP SpA

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