ATP studies, produces and manufactures static and dynamic sealing systems and plastics processing for applications in the Oil & Gas industry. The solutions comply with the NORSOK safety standards developed by the Norwegian oil industry. ATP solutions can withstand high pressures and temperatures and the action of highly corrosive chemicals.


Valve operation seal


The use of packs in SINTEK V1 AL for the rods controlling the gas and methane gas valves enable the recovery of anything lost due to wear thanks to spring or adjustment nut systems. To avoid such recovery systems, it is possible to design PTFE energised lip gaskets.

High-pressure segments


In multistage gas piston compressors the seal is made under conditions of extreme pressure and friction. ATP has developed solutions with plastic materials such as HYTRON AKM to be used as a piston segment.

Anti-explosive decompression gaskets


To solve the problem of the explosive decompression of gaskets in the oil & gas sector (e.g. methane), ATP uses special mixtures in FPM and HNBR certified according to NORSOK M710. It is possible to produce ORings of various turning sizes. The same technology can also produce further profiles.

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Lorenzo Simoncini, CEO of ATP SpA

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