ATP designs, manufactures and markets sealing systems and elastomeric and plastic material components for the food industry that meet the strictest hygienic design requirements. Materials for food applications comply with European standards (EC 1935/2004, CE 10/2011 and REACH) and international standards (FDA, 3-A, USP class VI). Our qualitative parameters and tests on finished pieces enable us to certify production according to EC 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice). ATP solutions are resistant to a wide range of products used in CIP sanitisation and SIP sterilisation processes, and make it possible to trace all the components.


Ultraclean Piston


The ATP Ultraclean piston meets the need for the perfect cleaning of the dosing piston of filling machines when the use of lip profiles is not possible. It is available in various materials such as SINTEK HTPU, SINTEK SP DS, and SINTEK EKO AL depending on the product to be filled.

Floating lip seals


These solutions in SINTEK HTPU for dosing machine valves enable recovery of the dynamic eccentricities due to long runs or poor drive systems. The floating solution can also be made in SINTEK FPM or SINTEK EPDM.

PTFE bellows for aseptic machines


In aseptic machines, bellows or membranes are often needed to separate the aseptic area from the mechanical part. Our PTFE solutions have enabled us to achieve long lasting results while maintaining high chemical and thermal resistance.

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We work with the same passion and precision that distinguish high quality tailoring to produce products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Lorenzo Simoncini, CEO of ATP SpA

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