ATP designs and manufactures static and dynamic gaskets to meet the high technical and qualitative standards of the aviation industry.

ATP seals can withstand low temperatures, aggressive chemical agents, aviation fuel and hydraulic fluids, reducing friction, and ensuring the control of manufactured parts and the traceability of the materials used.


Electromechanical actuator


Special materials such as SINTEK HTPU LT + allow operation at low to high temperatures. Their use in this area allows for greater durability in sealing grease and oils.

Hydraulically operated bellows


To operate a hydraulic oil circuit for aeronautical/military use, we applied a bellows that allows total sealing at a high thermal range. To avoid chemical reaction problems with the oil we used the SINTEK V1-AL.

Rotating seal for grease


Inside the rotating joints, the super-polymers in the SINTEK J-AL compound help withstand high speeds. The use of springs in special materials inside the gasket provides resistance to the use of military oils of the energising part.

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We work with the same passion and precision that distinguish high quality tailoring to produce products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Lorenzo Simoncini, CEO of ATP SpA

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